• Dash Jumps Up

    Dash is substantially smaller than his brother Jack, even for a 7-month old puppy.  As a result, he tries to make up his height difference by jumping—jumping up on you when you walk in, jumping up on the chairs, putting his two front paws on the coffee table and eating your food.  Despite all this, he can’t seem to jump on the couch.  Instead, he comes over to visit, puts his front paws in the sofa cushion and looks at you like, “Hello? I’m really cute. Pick me up and put me on your lap.”

    I happen to think this is endearing.  My sister, however, is determined to get Dash to jump up on the sofa on his own.  He did this once before, on accident.  He was running, headed for the couch, and all of the sudden he was sitting there, much to his own surprise.  He didn’t repeat the feat.

    But last night, he jumped on the couch (with much cajoling) not once, not twice, but three times!  We have high hopes for him.

  • Christmas with the Pups

    As you can see from the pictures below, Christmas is in full swing here.  Now, Jack is used to the hullaballoo; he understands (mostly) to leave the gifts under the tree alone.  (One time my brother got my sister chocolates and Jack ate the whole box; luckily, he is still with us.)  But the experience is different for Dash.  He has already decided that one present in particular is a chew toy.  Also, we have some cloth ornaments, which Dash has deemed chew toy grade.  I’ve had to rescue the bunny several times, and he has now been relegated to higher branches.

    I have plans to get the dogs both either antlers or santa claus hats.  Pictures to follow!

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  • The guilty party

    The guilty party

  • Runaway…but not who you’d think

    Today my mother and I had a huge scare.  I was bopping around on the internet and I heard my mom opening the back door.  I later learned she thought she saw a raccoon and was going to move the cat food, but both dogs took the opportunity to FLEE!  Mom got Dash before he could get very far, but Jack ran away (for the second time in 3 days).  Mom and I both covered ground calling for him and tempting him with treats (said in a high pitched voice to denote something special), but no dice.  Mom decided to drive in the neighborhood and I waited at home, hopeful that Jack would return.  While we looked, both mom and I were thinking, “oh what are we going to tell Taylor?”

    Thankfully, Jack returned, his happy little face appearing in the back door window just as mom pulled into the garage.  A would-be tragedy was blessedly not one!


  • Dash made a visit to his family! He saw Fr. Hurley, his mom Rosey, his dad Cara (also Jack’s dad), and his sister Colleen.  Colleen is missing a paw, but you can hardly tell! We also saw Jack’s mom Casey, but she wasn’t much interested in playing with the pups.


  • I have been slacking off, but here are some pics of the Dash monster.

  • Playing

    As I watch Dash chase Jack (Jack in the center of the circle Dash runs around him), I can’t help but notice how almost 8-year-old Jack has become more of a puppy.  Sure, he’s still l not a very big fan of Dash, but he loves to play now.  He’s got a duck that he enjoys squeaking and chasing. I knew he had a penchant for socks, but it’s delightful to watch him show as much exuberance as Dash as he runs around chasing the duck.

    Dash, on the other hand, is still a puppy.  Just as I try to write this, he has deleted several sentences, pressed the space bar into oblivion, and made up a few words.  He’s getting leggier and has learned how to stand on his hind legs and tell you, “Hello! I want to get up on the couch with you!!” He runs around for about an hour like a wild man, then arrives next to your resting place, ready for a nap.  He crawls onto your lap immediately and curls up into the cutest cuddle-bunny ever.

    On the development side, he has learned to jump off the sofa. In the past, I could leave him safely on a piece of furniture while I went to go, say, make a sandwich.  No more!! He can escape now…and he’s starting to jump up, too. I dread the day when I can’t rescue Jack by telling him to get on the couch…and it’s fast approaching.

  • Success!

    Dash can sit. And come! 

    It’s not 100%, but it’s getting there. I laid the groundwork, and Ben completed it.  It’s pretty cute!

    Right now Dash is playing with his new toys from Aunt Pam (the fairy godmother of all family puppies!) and running around the living room.  Some days I just can’t get over how cute he is! (Other days…I can.) His toys are small—a pink elephant and a giraffe— that he can carry around.  He also has a lamb with a squeaker that he (FINALLY!) learned how to use.  Did I mention that one of his favorite “toys” is paper?

    I guess the training is definitely underway.  He and Jack and mom and I have been going on walks too, and I went the furthest I’ve gone since I got sick earlier this week! So rehabilitation is underway too.  Plus I have my three-month check up next week, so here’s to health and happiness following!

    Life is good with the Dash.

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The Legendary Dash Monster